• Transparency

  • Meeting you, listening to your concerns

  • Boots on the ground talking with the community

About Me

“For the past 15 years, I have owned a local small business. My renovation company has done everything from small service calls to managing major projects with dozens of employees from multiple trades.

I know how important it is to work with a wide variety of people and get things done right. I want to bring these values to work for the Fort Whyte community in the Manitoba government.”

Representing You

I’m excited about the opportunity to be your MLA and a strong independent voice in the provincial by-election on March 22nd. As an independent MLA, you can count on me to represent you, not a political party.

No Affiliations

I will have no party affiliations or party lines to follow. As an independent you can count on me bringing your concerns to the forefront.

Focused On What Matters

Freedom is a Canadian value that I'm proud to promote. Freedom and government accountability is the foundation I'm building on.

Important Issues

  • Healthcare

    Speaking with healthcare workers, those who are on the front lines, finding out what we as a government and community can better do to support them. How we can enable them to do what they do best, take care of Manitobans! Working on getting clear and true information and education out to Manitobans about how to live a healthy lifestyle and make choices that will allow them to thrive while reducing stress on our healthcare system. Making healthy choices more affordable and accessible to improve the quality of life for everyone. Better spending decisions and more accountability on where our tax dollars are going.

  • Tough on crime

    I will keep our communities safe by upholding our laws, while also improving access to rehabilitation services, so those needing help returning to the community can better contribute and help it grow. Eliminating barriers to accessing these important services will make a better Manitoba for all.

  • Restoring Manitoba’s community culture

    We all want to return to what we love and enjoy. We can do this by opening up communication and having conversations with everyone. This is how we heal the divide that has emerged and come out of the last two years stronger and better than ever.

    Everyone has ideas. We should not discredit someone’s perspective just because they may be different than our ours. Instead we need to have an open dialogue and, as a government, be approachable and accessible. People have their differences, but it’s our similarities that can be the starting point for discussion. Speaking and interacting with one another is how we reach common ground that we can build on. I will be there for the community of a Fort Whyte to listen to the concerns, the needs and the wants in order to get back to the thriving happy province we all remember as being Friendly Manitoba!

  • Changing Health act legislation

    Proposing changes to the health act that would ensure the chief public health officer presents up to date, peer reviewed science and statistics to better inform decisions regarding any future public health crisis or pandemic. Clear time limitations to any declared emergency must be put in place and substantial evidence required for any extension to be approved. This is critical to our democracy and will help protect human rights and freedoms.